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Dagannoths - Chaos VS Lighthouse - (CLOSE PLEASE)


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Knowledge base:


What happens if another player is attacking the same NPC as me? Will I still get Slayer experience?




If two people are killing the same monster in multiway combat, both players will get the kill, but the experience will be halved. The player that does the most damage to the NPC will have the right to pick up the dropped items first.




Both the person who dealt the killing blow and the person who did the most damage will be counted as the slayer for the purposes of their kill counts (If you did both these things you will only count as having killed the creature once, though). The Slayer experience will be split evenly between the two players.




OK with that said let's go to the Dagannoths




Chaos Tunnels


Level 88 with 85 HP.






- Combat familiar can be used


- No competition at all and very often you have over 5 dagannoths waiting to die.


- Guaranteed great cash total after each trip (Over 100K)


- As great Crimson charms as Dust devils


- Monsters instantly attack you and many of them around to attack if they were not to be aggressive.


- Small space making monsters notice you




Top drops: Casket, Fremenik items, Farseer/Archer/Warrior/Berserker helm, Crimson charm






- No cannon


- High defense to ranged (But i think 1 of 10 players would do range)






Level 74/92 with 70/120 HP.






- Cannon


- Can be ranged and meleed


- Snap seed is dropped


- Aggressive






- Big space so they move and at times don't pay attention to you


- Crowded spot and many players, so Cannoning leads to EXP being shared. So what's the point with Cannon then if your using it for EXP?


- Alot bad drops


- Gold and Green charms dropped mostly




I believe the CT Dagannoths wins because:


1) I have not seen 1 single player over my 20+ tasks. So no exp would be divided and all Daggies would be mine:D




2) Very small space, 1 dagannoths death is anothers. Instantly i will have one to kill after 1 dieing.

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Yes, chaos does beat it. For me I can't say no to 40 crims + good melee exp (better than cannon)

Best Rubik's cube time solve: 27.81 seconds.

Completed Facebook Tetris Marathon (670k score)

2000+ total with 5 99's, fletching, cooking, attack, thieving and firemaking

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