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Computer Fan Runs constantly when on RS


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Hello all,




My computer fan runs constantly when playing rs. I assume its because my graphic card isn't very good. But the white noise is starting to drive me crazy. What are the lowest settings for game play? Also does anyone know another way to keep this fan from kicking in overdrive?





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Playing RS will cost some resources from your cpu. Thus temperature will increase and fans need to blow harder. Anyways, you could try playing in standard detail, or, turn all those fancy options off in the graphic settings.

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Buying a new GPU may offload some of the resources, depending on what you have now. Buying a better fan, more fans, liquid cooling, reapplying thermal paste, or undervolting/clocking the CPU are a few options. Not that I suggest the last.




Also, are you F2P or P2P? On F2P, the adverts are flash which is a CPU intensive program, especially on OS X.

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