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Toktz-xil-ak (split sword) or toktz-xil-ek (knife)?


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I've heard that one of these + beserker necklace is better than dragon scimmy for str training, but anywhere i look it always refers to either dagger or sword and as both are called dagger and sword i am now confused.


So which is the right weapon to be using?


thank you in advance lol




99 Woodcutting 99 Firemaking

99 Hunter 99 Agility

99 Attack 99 Hitpoints

99 Mining

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Berserker Necklace + Obby Knife(Toktz-xil-ek)




i believe thats what ur looking for


No. Sword is the one.




Misc: Abyssal Whip x28 , Dark Bow x5, Beserker Ring x3, Warrior ring x1

Dragon: Dragon Platelegs x2 , Dragon Plateskirt x2, Dragon Boots x38, Dragon Med Helm x4, Shield left half x3

Godwars: Godsword shard x13, Bandos Hilt x3, Bandos Chestplate x6, Bandos Tassets x4, Bandos Boots x5, Saradomin Sword x1, Zamorakian Spear x1,. Armadyl Helm x2, Armadyl chestplate x2.

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