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  1. ill count myself as lucky. I unlocked the Loop, immediately suceeded the island mission, and rolled a wisp all on the same day :) now to just get enough resources to buy some crew....
  2. ok I'm really stumped with this clue already. Someones going to come by later and be like, "oh its _________." And ill be like :wall: and aparently main hand xmas items like the candycane, Xmas wand, Santas sack, ect., do not count towards blessing either. seems to be head, body, legs, gloves, boots, and neck items that apply for the blessing.
  3. Ok so, so far the frostwalker outfit that I bought yesterday doesnt seem to count towards the blessing of winter effect. Shame, because the whole reason why I bought it was so I could skill with skilling outfits for bonus exp and still have the blessing. And is anyone else going to be doin the Cryptic Clue Fest? The first clue is already out and I'm going to try out my first guess now.
  4. How? You can use it on any skilling. Seems weird that you have a problem finding use for it... :D I want to get the full 50,000xp out of it. Construction seems like a good choice. Start with a tree run...... Im just Hunting draconic Jadinkos till i have bout 10mins left. then finish off the xp with Summoning.
  5. i just sold a couple hundred for 10k ea not even 2 hours ago
  6. looks like the new GE interface is being prepared for Tablet / Smartphone use,,,,
  7. Fruits that start with the letter C: cucumber cantelope cherry clemintine cherimoya coconut cranberry currents
  8. your last statement is simply false. if there is a demand for the item, it will be met by ppl wanting to cash in. Varago excepted here because of Street price, GE price incongruities.
  9. give it a couple months. once the hype dies off and the rich have had their fun, the price will drop. the higher the price of the armour the more scales will come into the game to drive it down.simple as that.
  10. I would be happy with that too, but they were very deceptive with it. They initially gave the impression that Sirenic armour being one of the few high-level stuff not to be boss dropped would be cheap and accessible. It is anything but that. The set currently costs, something like 250M, I think. Honestly 250m for a set isnt bad (i personally dont have that kind of cash but if i really worked at it i could have it in a couple months). especially if thats the price this close after its release. since it degrades to nothing it will also just keep dropping to where it eventually will be affordable. the good thing is that since its not from some crazy rare boss drop, we should see more of the scales making their way into the game. I believe this is actually a solid concept for high lvl gear (could apply this to lower lvl stuff as well but that requires a much more in depth rework).
  11. Hey guys thanks for the replies! Sounds like what i'm looking at should suffice for now. Does anyone know what the min specs are to run RS as it is now on max settings (with AA)?
  12. Hi Guys! I'm planning on getting a new laptop (toshiba sat pro c850-1HG). basically its just for streaming movies, music and playing rs. it comes with a i5-3230m processor and integrated intel HD graphics 4000. my question is will this laptop be able to run rs at max setting (ok maybe not will full AA) as the game is now, and once HTML5 is outa beta version. i know intel graphics cant hold up to a dedicated Video card like Nvida GTX or RADEON 5000 which is what they suggest on the homepage for HTML 5. I want to know if i can get away with the laptop ive mentioned. Lemme know what u guys think!
  13. Not exactly sure if this is the right forum to put this in... my apologies if not.... Its a bit embarrassing to Admit but I have finally got my first Smartphone (Android).I know people can somewhat play RS with Teamviewer. I'm gonna try this out but not to happy with leaving my computer on all day like that. Today I stumbled upon an app called OnLive. Its basically an app that will let you run online games from your Android -Phone by using their servers to run the actual game. I was Wondering if anyone has tried this out or if anything else works similar to this.
  14. Awesome guys, thanks for the responses! Ill set myself up with some GWD gear and grab a mhm and a abs. Might give the Kiln a go for the cape but otherwise I think I've got everything else. Thanks again :)
  15. Thanks guys for the replies so far. :) I've got around 100m I could spend on this endevour, more if i make tradeable ports. sixth age circuit I have, along with arc stream. I can buy murm and whisp but I thought they were not all that much better than fury? Chaotics are currently out of the question since I've only got like 40k tokens and really don't feel like doing dung (besides might as well get the best I can). Also, would be mixing up Drygores (eg. mhr and ohm) a feasible option in order to cover say stab and crush tasks? I was just wondering what would be the best cape and glove/boots to wear (currently have gano, bandos, and Spined boots with barrows gloves xd). Also how does DW mage look for slayer? or should i stick with getting an ABS here? (and on a side note is QBD easy enough to get to the fourth stage for the Royal Crossbow for someone who has no experience Bossing at all in EoC?) thanks for bearing with me here :)
  16. I want to start off by saying I really wish Jagex would make up their minds about how they want their combat system to work, I am failing to keep up with the constant changes. I've decided to get back into slayer and was wondering if people here could offer some advice. When I Slay I normally just attack with whatever the monster is weakest too and have been using Gano, Karils, and Veracs. I currently have the option of creating my own Sea Singer and Tetsu armour or selling it and upgrading my current gear. As far as weapons go I use a SoL for mage, crystal bow or Handcannon for mage, and my trusty ol whipvine and eee for melee. I could probably afford a Drygore or two but don't know if they seem to be worth it any more since this last update. I don't really know what I should upgrade my mage and range weapons to. Also if anyone could suggest which task are now worth blocking it would be appreciated. In fact all and any advice to the above will be extremely well received. Thank you :)
  17. is it just me or does the camera move much slower in the beta than in live?
  18. Would you mind giving some examples? I'm not calling you a liar, but I find your statement to be quite overstated. If anything, it should say 'EoC destroyed whatever skilling market that still existed'. Skilling hasn't been competitively profitable since before Godwars existed. Regarding making money skilling, does anyone think this 2007scape will be completely bot free? Im surprised this hasnt surfaced in the discussion or the article. I mean I know Jagex would be implementing thier truly remarkable anti-boting software.... but seriously there are still swarms of bots everywhere and I dont think they arent going to make an appearance. Especialy with the rush to 99s and "high end" gear, there will be a market for botted goods. Personaly ill check out the servers but im not staying there, ive put over 10 years into my account and I dont feel like starting over.
  19. Honestly, no. I rather like the EoC and all the changes to runescape since 2007. If 2007 servers would come back, I would play for 20 mins, say eff this and go back to the main game. Ive seen this game go from RSC to now and have enjoyed growing up with this game and have it grow up with me. Moving backwards is always dumb. When they make the inevitable mistake of adding 2007 servers, I hope they wont hire an entire dedicated staff and only fix game breaking bugs when needed. I guess all we can do is sit and wait and watch what happends as these servers become overrun with bots and/or die a slow death of inactivity.
  20. cant believe this topic was technically started in 2006.... and now over 6 years later someone is utterly close to achieving this goal. glad ill get to see this happen :) anyone come up with some kinda ETA ?
  21. [hide] Rudder>Crew>Morale Hull>Decks>Sea Hull Also, sounds like you have bad luck, with just lvl 7 scythe teams I was able to 80-100% almost everything until I had enough jade to get upgrades to ship\crew and the ability to 100% a lot more often. I went Rudder > some crew > 4th ship > rest of crew > then what he said. :D [/hide] yea getting a 4th ship sooner is very tempting. ill just wait and see how fast im able to collect jade the next few days to see if itl be worth it.
  22. thanks now i can go about this a bit more goal orientated. yea ive got at least lvl 7 scyth crew, most are actually lvl 8. but i guess i need to get spammed 16k reqs for a whlie :wall:
  23. just wanna start off this post with saying: Player Owned Ports is awesome! i really havent had a reason to keep loging in besides for sending me ships out to sea. Im pretty happy so far with my progress cept for the fact that i dont have any scrolls yet xd I just got to the bowl a few days ago, and ive only managed to come back with about 400 jade so far.... for jade missions, im lucky if i can get around 60%. Im probly just unlucky so far, but has a quick method for acquiring jade / moving swiftly through the bowl been established yet? still crew then ship or are speed / extra ship more important? anyways happy sailings
  24. if they're the same key then it doesnt matter..... and the new one will probly be less likely to break and looks nicer.... besides the fact i dont think that analogy works as well for rs anyways
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