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When was rs2 released?


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There was a public beta months before (available to members first, and eventually everyone)...I had been playing runescape for quite some time during the transition. Ironic, around this time, the Tip.It forums were stolen and destroyed. I can't remember the domain name then, but it wasn't the friendly forum.tip.it (in fact, I believe it was something like runeboards or something of that nature).




This was quite an interesting time in runescape history. In fact, runescape history is interesting in general. I suggest you reading up on it.

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I think it was scapeboard. i am probably wrong though. i remember beta, they only had basically the f2p area for testing. i felt special because the karamja fishing spots were bugged and i attained sharks from them :D

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I think it was scapeboard. i am probably wrong though.


I think you're right; it was Scapeboard if I recall correctly. But, OT, yeah it was 2004 for the official release.

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it was scapeboard... but the old tip.it forums weren't destroyed until around my join date... because well, thats when i had to re-register for the forums.




Well my join date was before yours, and I remember them being down for what seemed like a month(when I switched over to rune village for a while, which was lame)...




and aw, yes...Scapeboard. Good times

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