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  1. i guess i was a little rough on people using stalls. i tihnk insecure was the wrong word to use. the privacy issue didnt run across my mind when writing it.
  2. People (men) who use a stall, dont put the seat up, and the continue to miss and hit the seat....seriously, thats why there are urinals. People (men) who use a stall when there are empty urinals.....insecure much? Unclean or rarely cleaned restrooms....if you have a clean restroom, ill frequent your business over others. Stalls without doors (wtf?) people who are, well, really messy, and then dont flush....in the only stall. as you can see, i can go on about restrooms... mainly because ive logged many hours in them. seriously, there are simple steps that will make everyone happy.
  3. you cant have life after death or else it wouldnt be death. so, when we die, we wont know we died. it is something we just can not accept. call me crazy, but id kind of like to see my death. id personally like to meet a few dead people, and roam around freely as a ghost.
  4. i dont hate Palin, i just hate the idea of her running for president. i am sure she is a polite, honest women..
  5. I love how your source was a clearly objective news station that had no alterior motive in the rubbish article. i read this before i moused over the link and the first thought was "fox news?"
  6. i never understood age restrictions.... "hey you are 20? sorry you are too young to have a drink" next day... "hey you are 21 now? have fun" maybe there should be age guidelines? personally, i am 18, so i think i should be able to have a drink with my cigar. ive gotten drunk about 3 times in my life so far. twice in a vegas hotel room and once at a house. i dont think it is so much the age, but the maturity. we need a liquor drinking license or something. perhaps more education on the subject? i know the health problems alcohol causes. (my family has a history of alcoholism.) so i make sure i moderate my intake, that of which is pretty much 2-3 times a year. a touchy subject. it is the people who cant handle themselves under the influence that ruin it for the rest. i am biased, mainly because i can go to canada right now and drink all i want, same with many countries in europe... it is annoying when i talk to a friend (who is my age) in quebec about his rums and assortment of vodkas... was it colbert who said "i support lowering the drinking age to 18 -after my daughter turns 21."
  7. Hmm, i really havent heard anything from alaska. must've meant she was an O.K. Governor. However, there are faint rumors that she will go for the 2012 republican nomination. i personally do not want to see it, but if she can make the vice presidential candidate, i am sure she can make it again. Offtopic, does anyone else pronounce "nomination" be accentuating the "nom"....like "NOMination"....too many nom omn nom's i guess.
  8. Farming mostly, sometimes fishing.
  9. well, im not a real sentimental (is that the right word?) guy, but i did win the bowling tournament that was on that day. i told him the night before i would, so i guess that counts. i let him pay for the dinner that night HAHA
  10. I stream movies and tv shows online. I also use itunes for music. I only d/l music if it isnt on itunes (i buy the album if it sounds good as a whole) I d/l movies if i cant find a stream. they are usually independent or underground films.
  11. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I watched a little of the "movies." they werent good. I love futurama though. Cruder than simpsons, more witty than family guy.
  12. The homer in me says U.S. ...but the uninformed soccer (football) fan is rooting for Spain!
  13. nothingness is depressing, thats all the more reason why we should enjoy ourselves while living.
  14. I would just be like "lolz." Besides, you wont see someone in the theatre with a camera, because they work hard to hide it so they dont get thrown out, since it is illegal. and there are people who report it to ushers...like my parents... I saw up, cute movie. I watched it online too, are you going to report me? there are sites like this all over, some are good and some are bad. It is useful for tv shows, we see them on tv for free, why is online any different?
  15. hmmm, 70F and partly sunny here. however, will be going to vegas soon, i expect 110f days and nice 80f nights :)
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