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So my good friend Erikje0 asked me to go Corp 7/8 man Cs.


At that time I was Tds, hoping to get Claws since I only had 1m cash and some monsterhunt gear. (Died there before cause of lagg, lost 2.5m)


I thought, nvm about Tds, lets go with him.




So glad I did:






Free 54m, first kill we did.


I feel sorry for Que Chido, who just died before the drop :(




What I am going to do? Corp more, you'd probably think why, but I like corping much, hope to get another 10m from it, so I can afford myself an Ags.



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elysian sigil ftw u shuda lsed it :P

[hide=my 99s]63,402 to 99 attack June 20th, 2009

9,065 to 99 prayer may 7, 2009

27,060 to 99 magic march 27, 2009

63,527 to 99 str Jan 02, 2009

39,326 to 99 hp

22,557 to 99 def June 6, 2008

1221 to 88 summoning July 6, 2008

52,735 to cooking November 6, 2008[/hide]


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