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Random numbers before certain keys


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this only happened today, but whenever I press the g or h keys, These numbers appear before them like this (54g 67h). because of this, I cannot log on to runescape :P




I cleaned the numbers away so it's easier to read.




just noticed this, but the row of numbers above the keyboard (numpad is not affected) is also messed up.




some keys affected are 54g (g,4 and 5),67h(h,6 and 7),-0'(',- and 0),`1(1), two jumps to a help page, three seems to be go to page, =8 (8 and =) delete also changed into f11 for some reason, but it still deletes after turin54g t67he window full-screen




I've tried restarting, changing my keyboard setup, but nothing worked yet. help please?




I've cleaned the numbers away in the post so it's easier to read.

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the onscreen keyboard does work :D




the g and h keys are fixed now ( actually, everything below the line of numbers) :? not exactly sure why. :?




numbers are still messed up, but I can use onscreen keyboard/numpad for that.




Is there any way to fix this without a new keyboard? I'm not sure my parents will let me as this keyboard came with this computer, which I got around 6 months ago :(




Edit: the numbers are fixed now aswell :shock:. Does anyone have any idea what might've caused this?

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