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Easter Eggs/Pumpkins


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I was fiddling around on the forums yesterday after a long absence and noticed that easters/pumpkins have both shot up in price in the rares forum.




Any reason for this?





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Why would there be more demand? Really no use for them anymore. Santas/Masks haven't gone up either and the smaller rares seem to go up in unison.




The only thing I can really think of is when people were transfering with pumpkins/easters in BH because they were considered a food source. But you can't do that anymore...I see pumpkins selling for 50M+ on the forum though, when they used to be easily had for 4M a few years ago.




Merching clan I guess.

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theres no legitimate demand for them.

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Maybe since the easter egg is such a cheap discontinued item people have decided " Oh there will never be another one and I think its worth buying for 6mil or something :)"



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