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swordfish gloves + sc harpoons


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My guess is that if it did stack, it would be that way. It wouldn't double the extra 100 experience, but the harpoon would double the experience and then the game would add the 100 from the gloves.

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SC Tools were believed to make the experience 8x instead of 4x. In a way, they do give 8x, but instead of taking away 1 use from the brawling glove for each action, it takes away 2 uses. This means your brawling glove will disappear 2x faster, but you will still get the same amount of experience pretty much as if you hadn't used the SC tool. It is completely up to you to decide whether or not to use SC tools. For things like smithing, you're in the wilderness for usually under a minute at a time -- meaning when you tele out and bank, you have not gained any hotzone, so you can do it with that to save more money. Adze, lobsters, neitz, etc. all look to be better things to use. Also, you will not gain as much hotzone if you use SC tools... and if you get more hotzone, you could get more brawling gloves and more profit! It's up to you though. In terms of efficiency, usually just using regular methods will be way better, as you don't have to sacrifice any time to playing SC. No Kill SC will make getting SC tools a lot easier too.



Here's what I found on the brawlers glove guide...

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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