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firemaking training through beacons feasible?


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After completing all fired up for the fire ring I read a little more and saw there is experience giving for lighting each beacon and bonus experience for the total number you light.




Now my question is could someone with 69-75 firemaking(levels im doing) train more effectively then normal by lighting the first six beacons, lighting some lines in edgeville while they burn down then relighting them?




There are three factors that I need to work in my favor for this to be effective




a. using a war tortoise would allow 46 slots, tinderbox+40 logs+5 energy restore things; what minimum logs would I need to get all 6 beacons lit without giving 5 to the guards. Also, what would be the best route using teleports for this purpose?




b. Is this actually going to be more experience per hour then just burning maple logs?




c. Im not sure how the bonus experience works, if I light 6 then relight the first beacon when it burns out do I get experience for lighting 6 or what? If I have to let all 6 beacons burn down, then I would be burning lines of maples in edgeville above the ge(wild ditch) between runs.




Thanks for any help, would be fascinating if this was a good way to train fm


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It doesn't seem to be worth burning higher logs. If you were burning, say, normal logs, then I think you still get the bonuses for lighting consecutive beacons which means burning low level logs is more efficient with the beacons, but stuff like yews and magics and even maples probably wouldn't be worth it. I'm sure there's a way to plot it on a graph where the curve would be greater with the lowest logs, but I'm not interested in making one up.




Short answer, if you're training by lighting close together beacons with low fm experience logs, then yes. If you're just straight up trying to train, then it's gonna take longer.

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Honestly man I don't think its worth the hassle. When I got 99 firemaking I only used beacons for its items and even after lighting all of them I found it pretty slow exp. Stick with maples and you'll be fine :D :thumbsup:



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So you dont even think it would be worthwhile if I could manage it with oak logs?


beacons is only worth it if you want to get fm up a cheap way. in that case just use willow logs. go to the first beacon, fill it with logs, run to the second and fill it. tele to varock (take 1-3 less energie restores), bank varrock east, run to the beacon close to lumberjard then to the beacon north of varrock. tele edge with glory, bank, lit the edge beacon, run to the beacon north of GE. thats fastest way.


it is not worth the hassle if you want fast xp although, only good for some free xp or if you want to train fm or a different way



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