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Trwf v Exo


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Exodus approached us at the end of this week for a fight and rules were set up as following.




    [*:1bdxi3ic]Melee/Binds/Range ONLY
    [*:1bdxi3ic]Chaos Dwarves
    [*:1bdxi3ic]Trwf attacks
    [*:1bdxi3ic]15 sniper cap
    [*:1bdxi3ic]TRWF Yellow: No Cape Switching




We managed to pull a good 180 options as opposed to Exodus' 150. Quickly after the start we sent out our sniper unit and started gaining momentum from that point on. There were some minor disturbances during the fight which got taken care of quickly. After about 30 - 45 minutes our numbers started to grow whereas we could keep Exodus's numbers rather low. We took advantage of our numerical boost and took control and never looked back thanks to brilliant leading of James5013.


Thanks for a good fight Exodus I'm sure it won't be the last.




Thanks for Ac Exer, Df and Tnc(?), it was well appreciated and will be returned




Trwf starting opts: 200


Exo starting opts: 150




Trwf ending opts: 220 ish(75 on vent)


Exo ending opts: 100 ish




Trwf ending:






Exo ending:












7k 5a 1d GF



Overseer of Tip.it Clan Tournament 2010


here to read the rules || Click here to sign up

`Stu` on #clans (irc.swiftirc.net)

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