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[TWR] HP defeats LND


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Link: viewtopic.php?f=216&t=796188 // most of rules were said on IRC




Matched +/- 3 (one DC from HP before start)




Starting: HP 16, LND 14 / before reduce HP 32




Ending: HP 12, LND 0





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Pretty bad day for us..


Hp ended up getting time wrong for a pkri with corrupt allowed(we all bought corrupt), With everyone ditching their plans, We gave Hp a war but with rules changed, and we lost a quite a few people.


GF though

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Naff war, you were late for the war, then you whined until the rules were changed. Enjoy your hollow victory.


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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HP 185 & LND 50.




Could you please use the code to post the results?





Link to the declaration:

Winning clan (both name + initials):

Winning clan's member-list:

Losing clan (both name + initials):

Losing clan's member-list:

Starting/ending ops of both clans (screenshot is valid proof): 




Helps a lot & speeds things up for TWR mods, that's positive for both sides. ::'


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