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Ranged training with a cannon


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I used to love doing it at Daggonoths in the Lighthouse.






But it's honestly more worth it if you use it with most of Duradel's Slayer tasks. Cannons are basically a slayer's best friend.




Keep in mind Duradel has two types of tasks, Cannonable ones and high value drops ones. The high value drops ones include metal dragons and dust devils which are not possible to cannon against. You may choose to block them but I use them as a break from cannoning.



Runescape, Funorb, "Mechscape" Videos


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Ice trolls?




Ice trolls can be cannoned while breaking even(you would have to find a decent guide)




its possible that cannoning abberant spectres in the pollinivich slayer dungeon might make a profit


Orthodoxy is unconciousness

the only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed.

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