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Mechscape minimum system requirements


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RuneScape High Detail requires 256Mb RAM, a 1.5Ghz processor and a graphics card at least equivalent to Nvidia GeForce 3






Do you think mechscape will have these same requirements? Is mechscape going to have low detail, or just high detail and the even higher detail?

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I think someonesaid it was going to have a little higher graphics than runescape. Like RSHD but better. I dont know if they will low detail, they probably will. Since the graphics are improving, then the minimum system requirments might go up a bit.


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they said its gonna be better graphics than rs hd, because in their development they realized they could do some of what they were doing in ms on rs, and for this reason developed rs hd.


for this reason you'd presume it will hav higher system requirements, however i expect a low detail option.

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