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  1. Bought CS:Source and Garry's Mod, just so I could play Trouble in terrorist town. Game is awesome.
  2. Or maybe mw3 was so bad people didn't even care to rant about it? I'm not sure if I should preorder or wait to see if it's any good. I'll probably end up buying it since my friends will be buying it, so might aswell preorder. =F
  3. Got back to teamfortress 2 and I'm not even terrible at it. Just bad.
  4. Before, I used to feel a bit sad for not studying to be a chef. Making great food seemed like the best way to make people happy, which seemed like a worthy goal. As a physicist you don't much ever make anyone happy. I recently realized that it was silly, because as a chef I would be over-aware of bad food. Now I can eat and enjoy pretty much anything. And if I ever feel like it, I can always learn some cooking if I feel like it. I bet it's a bit harder to go the other way, as I haven't heard of many chefs trying to learn physics. I felt much better when I had this 'relevation' :)
  5. so to see my number of warnings I have to post and look under my name on the left? Ok here goes nothing 0 warnings =)
  6. Perakp

    Diablo III

    So the idea of the game is basically you hoard better and better stuff and level up your character, so you can kill more mobs my hack'n'slashing through a dungeon? What a winner concept. Those that say they played through it in X hours, was there any point in the game where your decisions mattered at all, or was it all linear?
  7. Perakp

    Are we free?

    My stance: Q: Does it matter if I don't have free will? A: No, it doesn't. Also a quick note on the concept of randomness. If I toss a coin, the result is unpredictable, but not random. If I toss heads, it's because of the way I tossed the coin, not because the coin somehow decided to land that way. So although it may seem like there is a lot of randomness in the world, it's not really random, only unpredictable.
  8. Can't say no to free maps can you. Will be cool to play with friends 2v2 or 1v1 w/ splitscreen. Still glad I didn't get elite, with blops2 coming it would've been a huge waste of 50 considering my gaming budget this year.
  9. Not possible as far as I know, even theoretically: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncertainty_principle What this means for determinism/ causality / free will etc, no idea. Philosophical consequences of quantum mechanics was a topic that wasn't much discussed in QM1.
  10. Journey was totally worth 15, really enjoyed it. Especially the multiplayer capability was well implemented, also some awesomely memorable moments. Definitely recommend the game to all ps3 owners. Also saw that I had Infamous 1 available in my PS store downloads list from the time when sony had problems with hackers last year, couldn't download it back then and I thought the welcome back offer had ended, but now I had it in there and I could download it for free. First 30 mins seemed ok, but it's easy to see how the game is a bit old. Some graphics/ animations look awkward, but it's playable.
  11. Perakp

    Diablo III

    Beta didn't look too good, not going to buy the game. Not pumped up the slightest.
  12. What the next cod must have if I am to buy it: - no second chance - domination final score table must show number of flag captures - assassin/ ghost removed or there are other equally overpowered perks available in the same slot - preferably no deathstreaks or support killstreaks
  13. I have no reason to believe a God would exist, hence I don't believe in one.
  14. Perakp


    Waiting for my masterpiece to go through the system. Can't wait to see how someone describes it. I'll update this post laters-> edit: http://drawception.com/viewgame/29fCZBceep/afterimage-illusion/ Someone had down-voted my artwork, silly people have no sense of humor (or no sense of the internet) Addicted to the game tbh.
  15. Perakp

    KONY 2012

    It's kinda scary actually, he seemed like an ok dude in the campaign video. Am I gonna end up masturbating naked on the streets one day aswell? I bet he didn't expect it either. :ohnoes:
  16. What servers are you guys playing on? or where to find good newb friendly servers?
  17. I'm happy with this :) Apartment connected to university network.
  18. Perakp

    Ace of Spades

    Doesn't the command /ratio work in every server? Also /streak to show your longest/ current killstreak
  19. Ok I wanted to ask a little fast question, but realized the question was too stupid to ask. Might aswell find the answer myself since I got the pseudocode written. To make the topic worthwhile, post any small programming puzzles or problems to test one's programming abilities. I'll go first: In Java I have made my own class, that holds one property. It has a method to set that property and another one to print it to the console. Consider the following code. What would it print? Object a = new Object(); a.setProperty(5); ArrayList<Object> list = new ArrayList<Object>(); list.add(a); list.get(0).setProperty(6); a.printProperty(); list.get(0).printProperty(); a.setProperty(4); a.printProperty(); list.get(0).printProperty(); Answer: [hide] 6 6 4 4 [/hide]
  20. I had tried learning java before taking my first programming course, but had no luck getting anywhere. Now if someone had told me about IDE's, I could've had a better chance. I've used Eclipse, it's simple to use and free: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ Oracle has good tutorials on java: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/getStarted/intro/index.html Best to start with Hello world, once you've got that working move on to slowly editing the code piece by piece into more complicated things. variable types->a simple method->loops->arrays/ other containers-> getting input from keyboard-> etc etc and you should get a book, for reference if not anything else. Most stuff you can find on the web, but it's nice to have something you can get your hands on.
  21. Perakp

    Ace of Spades

    Downloaded a mac wrap of the game, but there's a problem with the mouse where you can't turn 360 degrees, making it unplayable. Gotta wait till someone figures out a fix for it, but it looked like a cool game.
  22. 23 kill streak with specialist package yesterday, my best so far.
  23. Games that I'm NOT playing: L4D2, since Steam decided not to work with this game. Infinite "Validating cache" or some equally annoying bull balls. All other steam games work fine. Tried all quick-fix solutions I could find on the web, none worked. Uncharted 3, because of the infinite loading screen bug that people first reported three months ago that still hasn't been fixed. It's a great game but playing the first 9 chapters over and over again just ain't my cookie. I'd like to progress further, but ah, black screen of game crash and infinite rotating ring defeat me. I'm stuck with piece of cabbage games such as MW3.
  24. I've tried both mamp and mamp pro (trial version)
  25. Plain html works fine Running phpinfo();, I got hundreds of rows of information. Most peculiar lines were Configuration File (php.ini) Path => /etc Loaded Configuration File => (none) but most of the stuff seemed to be enabled and working. Oh, and phpinfo didn't work with browser, I did it with terminal to get the results.
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