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Illusion looking for matched opts.


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Illusion is a new clan, just launched on Friday, June 19th, 2009. We are currently looking for a matched opts or a full out war (In the Clan Wars Arena) with clans around 110-118 avg and having roughly a 20-30 man memberlist.




Our memberlist is here: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=clanillusion




You can contact me in irc in #illusion - nick is iJohn or on MSN - [email protected]






Launched: 20th June 2009








You should consider joining us at Illusion. We are an extremely well organised and managed F2P warring and pking clan. We have a great community and great activity. Currently, we have only been open since 20th June 2009 and already have a decent number of members and a good F2P combat average.




We have great drive and determination and an extremely good leadership that is very experienced all in aspects of warring and clan leadership. So if you want to join one of the powerhouses of the future within RS warring then come and pay us a vist, you will not regret it.










Forums | Runehead






Officials List






Scott - Scottien


GreatJackal - The_Fatal00


Strike - Strikecobra1




PK Leader


iJohn - Frestyle050








Exile - Exile598


Duece - Js_Duece2


Mark| - Gers132






Requirements for initiate (Our equivalent to trial member / future app)


105+ F2P Combat


5+ Rune sets with weapons


30+ Clan Capes


500+ Bind Runes


1k+ Food (Swordfish and/or Anchovy Pizzas only)






Thank you for taking the time out to look through this and we wish you the best of luck with finding a clan that meets your every expectation.









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