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  1. Might as well get one last upload in for good time's sake!
  2. Funny how they only implemented this change after MEMBERS requested them. The F2P community shall forever be in debt to you members! Then again, we should be already...
  3. Lesser demon drops look pretty good now with stackable gold ore, new grape drops (who thought they're worth so much?), black/mithril equipment and 800-1600 gp drops (more than some of the alched drops). By comparison, gold was not stackable before, steel equipment was worth a lot less than black, and they dropped 40-450 coins at once. I'm estimating a 120k gp/h after around 100 kills in F2P. Oh yeah, and the good ol' rune helm is still there.
  4. 1. I am F2P, as Alg mentioned. 2. It takes exactly two clicks to log out. Two more clicks than I am used to. It might not sound like much, but it's two clicks that I now have to pay attention. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the idea of ambushes (I have a feeling I was one of the few people that enjoyed deadly randoms back in the day!), but the fact that this was so sudden somewhat irked me. There was no mention on the front page, nor was there a notification in-game that what we used to take for granted, the safety of our valuables, is not true anymore. Hey, I wouldn't even have cared that I died if it wasn't for the fact that one of the items that I lost is literally irreplaceable (and a strong item, at that). The funny thing is, that death would have been prevented if I had auto-retaliate on.
  5. Was chopping some willows at the spot between Port Sarim/ Draynor, went to make myself some dinner, came back 30 minutes later, found myself at the Draynor Village lodestone with my three best items. Lost my equipment, which included saradomin warpriest boots which I can never get back again. Guess what I think killed me <_< ?
  6. Maybe he came out of it as a man thinking RS is for little kids :P ?
  7. I'm not so sure, his methods may be different but he could be setting himself up as host for zaros. Also, does anyone else think Armadyl is an ascended aviansie? It would explain why pretty much all of his followers seemed to be aviansies and why he grieved so much at their loss. I'm not so sure, his methods may be different but he could be setting himself up as host for zaros. Also, does anyone else think Armadyl is an ascended aviansie? It would explain why pretty much all of his followers seemed to be aviansies and why he grieved so much at their loss. Seeing we have evidence that Armadyl has feathers, believing that he is an aviansie isn't far-fetched at all. Likewise, Bandos could be an ourg.
  8. Watched Super 8. It's got a strong 90's movie vibe to it, with just what you'd expect from a movie by J.J. Abrams with Spielberg producing. It's like Cloverfield, Jaws, and Lost had a love child. That has occasional Michael Bay tendencies (i.e. the overly-explosive train derailment).
  9. Either Marimbo is the Karamjan god (I don't find that likely), or the god who is named on the maps has got to be the Karamjan god. Maybe the god's name is Karamja :P .
  10. If you don't remember the night and people said "you were the life of the party", chances are they were wasted and stoned, and you were the guy playing beer pong half naked, drinking your own cups, even on misses, while dancing around like every song is a Harlem Shake.
  11. All runecrafting altars are technically on separate pocket dimensions, as they are called ;) . When did a mod say that the next being to ascend to godhood can be talked to?
  12. Nomad for Lucien 2.0 anyone? Funny how they mention the Enchanted Key as a possible Elder Artifact. Even if it is not, it's powers seem to be similar to the Crown (finding artifacts), and also has some time travel capabilities.
  13. Now the question is how many days he's been killing the KBD for :P .
  14. Funny how it's the only "Age of" game I haven't played :P . Still doesn't beat Age of Mythology though. Loved the variety in that game.
  15. Anybody know if this grimy marrentil I just got has any use in F2P? It apparently needs 9 herblore to be cleaned...
  16. Honestly, this just sounds like they are adding in tutorial-related items and areas, nothing else. Other than the extra levels and the ability to summon a dreadfowl for some extra (pitiful) damage, the only other things that will be useful will be the drapes.
  17. The best thing about this month is that I finally get my own pet troll.
  18. They're not actually discontinued anymore. Iffie in the Varrock Clothes Shop sells the costumes now.
  19. Sony said the PS4 is able to output 4k video (not games), which seeing as they are one of the largest advocates for 4k, it's not much of a surprise. The lack of support for 4k games, I feel has more to do with developers and possibly the cost of developing a game in 4k. Same thing happened to the PS3. It had 1080p video games since launch (Lair comes to mind), however not too many devs were willing to make 1080p games after that.
  20. I don't think it's possible to make a subject interesting to an individual if they feel like they have no reason to care for the subject.
  21. I'd personally try a mage pure. It's insane how much damage they can dish out at low levels.
  22. Sony advertised the PS3 as a "do-everything" kind of console. That didn't make it that popular, putting price into account.
  23. Free-to-play, pay-to-get. The random event rewards have always been a staple for F2P outfits. I have yet to see anyone pull off any of the qyest rewards, though (such as the tower hat from Rune Mysteries). Oh yeah, and if you want to have only one eye, a cyclopean helmet is F2P, although it can only be found by members.
  24. I really didn't expect a news post about a new Bestiary to really have this much discussion. Then I read the extra news.
  25. You mean like when we had the 200 billion accounts made thing, and the counter went up even when rs was down? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember that people were still able to make accounts during in-game downtime.
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