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Earning Potential


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Earning potential




If I go into the bank before the 30 minutes when my EP goes up, does the timer reset? Or does it just hold. In other words... could I train firemaking persay and just carry around 76k coins?




i guess thats my 2nd question, for the item at risk, does it have to be an item? If my 4th item is coins, does that count?


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It counts by minutes, or so I was told. And stackables (pretty sure coins, arrows) count but not noted items. Why would you want to do coins anyways? You're supposed to bring 3 items and protect item your 4th when a pker comes so you lose nothing.




He pretty much covered it. Ideally your 4th item shuld be say a whip or w/e and then u use prayer to save it.




And I know if your fming you gonna be right by a bank, so techincally you can jsut run inside. But with the whole dan gertime when u run in and people with d claws and ags about theres stil, a high chance u culd die.


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