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Cursed Toast PK Vid #4 - 99 Range, C-VLS, D Bow, Morrigan's

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CURSED TOAST PK VID #4 baconatorab6.gif




Watch in high quality or don't watch at all.


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Fourth PK video, pretty large variety of weapons/armor. Corrupt Vesta's Longsword, Granite Maul, Dark Bow, Morrigan's Javelins + armor, Corrupt Vesta's Chain + Skirt.




Stats: 86 Combat




75 Attack


86 Strength


20 Defence


91 Hitpoints


99 Range


52 Prayer








Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Faces


A Static Lullaby - Let Go


Silverstein - Apologize








http://files.filefront.com/cursedtoastp ... einfo.html





Come to #tip-it on Swift IRC, if you're cool

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I haven't watched a PK video or anything for about a year now, mostly because all of the music is Soldier Boy and what not, and the editing is horrible. I saw your name and instantly remembered you and how amazed I was at your videos before, so I watched it.




All I've got to say is you're the really only one that I will watch a PK video of, because I know your editing and taste in music will never disappoint me, I don't really listen to that kind of music, but it fit so well that, I enjoyed it.


Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

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