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  1. decent video. it is a nice change of pace then the strait honor pking videos.
  2. i use hypercam 2 it is decent and it is free.
  3. gratz on 95 str and max kc. how long did it take you at aviansies?
  4. vampire slayer is the only 1 i can think of atm. i would try what the guy posted 2 posts up.
  5. try chaos tunnels and/or a german/french world for the wildy green dragons.If you are worried about to many people.
  6. rock crabs? they have 50 hp each. Drop a good amount of gold charms if you train summoning. If you are f2p try seagulls in port sarim. They have the same hps as cows but can only hit 1 very rarely.
  7. nice job. You're the first addy pure i have seen on youtube.
  8. junk or it depends how much trade limit you have. ie 60k-
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