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Best Worlds to do Pest Control


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I was wanting to try out the Pest Control minigame, however when I logged into a world and I get the the Void Knight island and get in a boat there seems to be no one else joining in to get to the game even after the five minute limit. Just want to know which worlds are best for this game.

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You have to join a Pc clan to get the 100 level boats that win




The 70+ You can usually get off the world 144 someone there will trade you




If u just want a fosho team with no hassle always win go to world 144 and go to the novice boat they always win.






If you use Mirc or irc Pm me and i can help u further

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Honestly, I was doing pest control for a long time, and I immediately went to the advanced boat as soon as I could, and I found that it actually wins more often than people have been saying it does. Although there are some times when it does lose, I think the fact that it earns double the points makes up for the small losses, so world 144 advanced boat is your best bet. If you can't get onto the advanced boat, then use the novice, the intermediate boat is absolutely useless.

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