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Estimate cost and time to 99 fletch?


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Assuming you use your RSN Mweddle, you start at level 38...


Make Willow Short (u) 38-40


Willow Long (u) 40-50


Maple Short (u) 50-55


You should lose negligible cash going from 38-55




55-70 Maple Long (u) should cost 353K (assuming you dont sell any of the Maple Longs), and take approximatley 5.8 hours




70-85 Fletch Yew Long Bows (Cut the Yew Logs into Yew Long (u), then string them) this should take about 17.2 hours and give you a profit of 378K


70-85 Just string Yew Long Bows (Buy Yew Long (u) and BS's and string the bows) should take 15.3 hours and 1m profit, but requires more banking




85-99 Fletch Magic Long Bows (Both Cutting and Stringing them) this should take around 55.7 hours and cost about 2.55M atm.


85-99 String Magic Long Bows, same as stringing Yew Long's should take about 48.6 hours and profit you 340K, but requires more banking.

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Yeah, I'd do the following:




Level 1-10: Arrow Shafts


Level 10-20: Cut longbow (u)'s


Level 20-25: Oak Shortbow (u)'s


Level 25-35: Oak longbow (u)'s


Level 35-40: Willow shortbow (u)'s


Level 40-50: Willow longbow (u)'s


Level 50-55: Maple shortbow (u)'s




Once you finished the above (won't take you very long at all), sell on the grand exchange or the general store (I suggest the general store, people dont often buy unstrung bows below yew).




Level 55-70: Maple longbow (u)'s




As above, cut these and sell to the general store. Doing this took me about 2 days playing 3 hours a day. So about 5.8 hours of play.




Level 70-85: Yew longbows




Cut AND string these. You will make a bit of profit along the way. You'll make 387K and will take about 17.2 hours to complete.




Option 1! Level 85-99: Stringing yew longbow (u)'s




This method will give you about 2M profit to 99. It will take around 40 hours to complete it as well, probably more if you aren't quick with it.




Option 2! Level 85-99: Magic longbows




Both cutting and stringing. From 85 to 99, it will take you around 53, 420 magic longbows to 99. It will cost you around 4M, but you will get 99 in a much quicker time space. Personally, I don't think its worth it. The time difference is only a couple of hours.




Hope I could be of service :)


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Magics > Yews in every imaginable circumstance.




With magics u lose a larger amount of cash! At least making magic bow (u) would lose more than yew longs (u).




Don't know about prices for stringing yews and mages.

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