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26k trick


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Ok i think i have the basic ideas but i'm not entirely sure about everything




I'm a level 85 main btw


*Should i risk 76k in a members world or go to a f2p world and only 26k? I heard that the drops are quite similar


*Would i be able to earn either at least 200k/hr? (i know its random but i just need to know if i will probably earn that much)


*Whats a good clan chat that people use to look for other 26k/76kers?


*I've got a vague idea of what to do but i'm not entirly sure. Do i...


Go to a bounty hunter world with 26k partner (76k if i'm doing it in a members world)


Wear dragonhide armour while risking the correct amount, except my most valuable item because it wont count towards the 26/76k


Cast wind bolt at each other for 1 hour


Bank our stuff and pull out a whip or another weapon


Take turns killing each other (because if you die your EP doesn't reset)


*Is this "trick" illegal?


*Bounty hunter world vs pvp world whats the difference?





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Trick is legal and should make 200k an hour unless super unlucky.




Thanks! So was my description on how to do it correct?


Your ep goes down after ea kill and i don't know much about wind bolting.




Edit; you need to strike for 2 ours for 100 ep.

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