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Karil's a good armour set?


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Its a good set in regards to magic protection, but if you are using it for the set, as in, bow and bolt racks, I personally dislike it. Too expensive to use on a regular basis imo.



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Karils is great for meleeing monsters that mage (or mage and range, like waterfiends) - it's the best armour in the game for that. Better mage/range def than black dhide by a significant amount. Without it, pieting waterfiends would be almost impossible since you would need both piety AND range prayer.




For ranging, it sadly does suck. Same attack bonus as black hides, which are worth almost nothing on GE.




The answer to your question depends on what you plan on doing with it ;)




Edit: Oh, and if you meant the bow aswell, it's actually quite good, but broad bolts are many times cheaper and don't fall too far behind. Places where bow could be used include fight caves and PvP. Never use the coif. Ever.


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