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Ring Of Slaying

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My friend mentioned that you can use the ring of slaying to access the room right before Tarn's Lair without even completing/attempting Tarn's Lair Mini game. I'm not sure if this is true or not as i currently don't have the ability to craft rings of slaying and cannot afford a ring of slaying.



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It is possible right after the Haunted Mine is finished, but I know that I've seen this fact submitted before. I've even got a mention of using it in this way in my blog.




I don't know why something hadn't been done about it in the past, but if you don't know/can't confirm, then it's confusing as to why you'd post.




That said, it is accurate, but I'm just wondering why nothing had ever been done.

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Because I don't have a Ring of Slaying and I don't have the ability to make them and a friend of mine was just mentioning how you can use the ring to get there without completing Tarns Lair mini game.



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Posted this ages ago. It was only fixed on a few of the pages I see. Here's some extra proof if you need it.



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