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What is so good about the SS?


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It's alot more expensive then simple D scimmy+Rune defender, and I just can't see what;s so good about it.


It has low accuracy, even when I super set. I find myself hitting alot with D scimmy, and higher, and not even supersetting.


Maybe there is something im missing here, but imo, from what I've experienced, the SS is an overpriced version of the D scimmy.


So is there something im missing here?

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Actually it is a much worse version of the whip. It can train strength so it totally rocks. I'm not sure what the attacks are, but if there is a slash option for training attack, use it. Don't use the crush one.

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it not bad but the gud thing is it comes in handy for strenght training bad this is u cant weild shield to bost u defence bonuses..either way its up to ones own prespectives on wat to use



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I have never understood why people use the SS. All it is is a whip with a half decent special that can train strength. Downside is that you cant use shield/defender and its 7.5m. Its slightly better than the d scim and rune defender, but you should only use it if you have the cash to spare.





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A whip without defender. Plus crush. Decent at waterfiends. Other than that, I don't know :ohnoes:



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