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Illusions Looking for wars


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Your clan (name + initials): Illusion - I Or Ill


Your clan's member-list (link + copy-pasted list): http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=clanillusion




Opposing clan (name + initials):




We are intrested in warring these clans - NOT FOR TWR RANKINGS.




BlackKnight Cadets - BKC


Polish Angels - PA


Tainted Souls - TS


Impact - IMP


Dark Daemons - TDD


Guardians of Death - GOD


Potence - P


Soldiers Of Infinity - SI


Lost Heaven - LH


White Eagles - WE




Opposing clan's member-list (link + copy-pasted list)


























Your forum/contact details:




I would much rather speak it over through IRC or MSN, if you really feel the need to though. Post on our forums.




-#Illusion - Speak to "Strikee" or "Sas"


[email protected]


[email protected]










Specific declarations (capped/ particular time):




- 1-2 Day Prep If memberlist is above 40 members. Optionally 1 Week prep if memberlist is lower then 40 members.


-6:00AM - 8:00PM EST


-CWA PKRI - First to 50 Kills or 1 Hour Cap.


-Magic Spells ONLY (Binds, Confuse, Weaken Etc.), No blasts.


-Range Allowed


-Rings Allowed


-No Corrupt


-Turetts map


-North Span Attacks


-Illusion Wears Black Capes


-MEMBERLIST ONLY. No Cf's. No Multi-Clanners.






Looking forward to fighting any of these clans, were in it to win it so contact us asap.




Please don't flame this topic. We are only looking for wars and would love to war any of these clans. <3:


Illusion Forums |Illusion Memberlist

IRC:Strikee | Illusion Leader | GFX Tag: .Strike

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