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for 99 wc


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You'd average something like 200k or 300k per hour, which is terrible. Better off powering teaks to 99, then runecrafting/green dragons/etc. In the same time, you could have the same 99 and much MORE money.

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kk how long from 85 to 99 only on magic trees with wc brawlers


I guess you will be cutting the wildy/spirit realm magic tree. You should give some info on how many brawlers you have and how you will be using them. (Spirit realm isn't wildy so you probably won't use brawlers there. Will you be using sc tools in both wildy and spirit realm or just wildy?)




This guide has great info on brawlers: viewtopic.php?f=113&t=780792


In the end, you should gain about 732,000 Experience (not counting the exp gained from cutting the cursed magic tree without brawlers, so it will definitely be more)


I have no idea on exp/hour.

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a loong loong time. 3 months maybe...... i did willows from 85-98 annd it took me a couple of weeks. Should get 99 any day. If you can stick with magics for all that time then go for it. The profit will be nice, but you could use willows for fletching or firemaking like i plan to.

[bleep] you all

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for fletching im gonning do yew longs i got about 13k yews in bank....other then that im doing wc magic trees basically for the money it brings...till 99 which is 56mill...and im thinking its gonning take less then 3 months.



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