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Okey so i've been once again on long brake from runescape, now I came back and i'd be interested in Pk'ing but i'm confused once again and feel myself like i've never been playing Rs before...


Can someone give overall look of nowdays pk'ing


what's with the bounty hunters and duel arena?




and what the heck is this 26k thing everyone are talking about :shock: :o

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So basically there are 2 new PvP type worlds: PvP worlds and BH worlds.




Here's a good guide: viewtopic.php?f=180&t=801523




26k is pretty much killing a friend, while having both of you risk the optimal amount, so you trick the system into giving you good drops.

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welcome back, like seeing the strength level exceed attack and defense.. the rsc style






in bounty hunter worlds its the same as the old wilderness (obviously u dont have to stay 3 rounds tho), you have to log in while your character is in edgeville though.

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kk i got a related question. is it possible that you would drop your own items in pvp, because i dont see that happen on pvp vids i watched




It is possible that you might drop an item or two you were carrying, but unlikely. The drops are completely random... it's to combat real world trading.

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