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best f2p wep


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Warhammer is a yes. The crush defense of full rune is lowest compared to the other styles.




If you fight someone in chainbody you'll probably decide to switch to a longsword though.



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It would be your preference on speed and strength. Arune warhammer has higher crush but a mace is quicker and can change to a stab attack if need be.



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It's a scimitar. Nothing else is really worth using as a main weapon, even in pvp. As a KO weapon I'd use a b axe or 2h.




And unless you have a lot of cash to spare, keep the corrupt dragon as a KO weapon only.

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2h, warhammer and mace are your best bet. Have those equipped, and have a longsword or scimmy (probably both) in your inventory if PvPíng, so you can take on people wearing chain. Dragon weapons are also very good, but I only suggest using them if you win them in PvP. Buying them can be extremely expensive.


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