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fastest mage exp possible


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String jewerly is the fastest practical method. Bursting skele monkeys is awkward and doesnt give that much extra exp and it costs more.


String jewerly is cheap, fast, and relaxing.


Burst rock lobs only if you plan to train summoning. Else don't.

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Fastest would probably be barraging at soul wars.




Yeah this one is the fastest.




Go to a soul wars world. I say W44 is best since you need tons of targets.




If you can...join the clan that owns that world. Otherwise be good at identifying their Deathdots and teamswitches in a timely manner.




Barrage Barrage Barrage Barrage.




Gather 100 zeals each time and use them on Magic exp.








===Why soul wars? Why not pest control?==


Because it's hard to find a big group of pests to max barrage.


You get only 1/2 combat exp per hit in Pest Control.


It's more satisfying to down rude players who overuse the term "GF" when it's not even a BH or PvP world.



Runescape, Funorb, "Mechscape" Videos


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