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slaying jellies


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what is the best equipment/invo/strat/you get what i'm saying to kill jellies for slayer?




my stats:


75 atk,


84 str,


70 def,


54 prayer,


72 mage,


74 range.




ideally i'd like to keep costs low enough to turn a profit. any special notes? thanks in advance

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Bring melee gear that gives magic defense; so basically regular except some dragonhide and an elemental shield.




Bring some food, too.


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what works for me but not every one




full (black) d hide - or your highest


whip/d scimmy - or weapon u are using


obby sheild for the str bonus - others will do fine








either bring guthans if you have it, if you dont, dont buy it for jellies


for the non guthan method bring some food


dont forget a tele it is annoying to run all the way out of there tbh










hack away at them until they are pools of lime or blue rasbery colored gelatin :thumbsup:




oh if you get a clue either do it or hold on to it




they drop clues fairly often from my experience :thumbsup:




Lvl 3s btw








they arent anything to really worry about. good luck :thumbsup:










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Switch your chest and leg piece into your best dhide and you will be fine. if you use a metal shield switch it for a god book or elemental shield.(defender is fine since its for attack boosts).


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