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Penguin Agility Course (Cold War)

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I be trainin' agility this very moment, and I think I noticed something trange 'bout the part where ya have to cross the slippery ice,


For some reason, I seem to sucseed more in crossin' the ice when 'm almost runnin' out o'food. Could the difference between bein' weightless and carryin' 12kg o'fish affect yer chance to cross the ice? Perhaps this be worth investegatin'... Can't do it meself though, for me membership ends within two days...




Balance be power!






P.S. Bein' heavy seems to have a negative effect on jumpin' the steppin' stones too.

Excentric staff member of the Voices clan

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Something quite important I think is worth mentioning is that the penguin suit nullifies any attempts to teleport (either magic or item-related). It is therefore possible to get stuck on 1 or 2hp on the ice slope, unable to teleport or move forward for risk of dying once you run out of food. And it is possible to die, I just did.




I'll also investigate to see if the climbing or [bleep]ed boots have any effect on the ice (I doubt it).




Oh, also, the first paragraph of the agility guide suggests there are still only 4 agility courses, so I imagine that bit hasn't been updated for quite some time :P.

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