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  1. yo [email protected] sux s00000 much. idk y im even h3r3 y0. wow that was horrible. The next poster's first and last word will rhyme. e.g. - Black dragons live in a shack.
  2. I feel like there's already a boatload (no pun intended) of skills in runescape already. why keep adding more? if anything, they should just start grouping certain things with each other.
  3. oh my goodness yes! it's been a while haha. hopefully i can attend this one. these are always pretty fun.
  4. hmmm been a while since rune running was the 'in thing' to do. i'd probably say that air rune running wud be more popular as that the altar is closer to a bank now (and because i'm biased because i use to air rune run). i've never tried law running, although i'm sure the principal is the same. free laws is very tempting.
  5. meh, seems fair. one thing though....i find the 'moderator's discretion' deal a bit confusing with censoring certain music. could you possibly put an example of an appropriate usage and an abusive? or when you say 'moderator's discretion' does that mean that each moderator would have a different judgment and that -examples- wud be an impossible thing show?
  6. as im sure other people have said....this is runescape not atlantic city, las vegas, etc. like...gambling seriously?! in runescape?! there's this, and there's also that dice game i've been hearing. and by gambling in runescape i mean those other than the 'gambling' oriented games directly created by jagex. like, if you want the sensation of scamming or winning money, then go out in the real world and do it there.
  7. umm...this post says tht everything up to this point has been added if usable. i checked the dungeoneering skill guide and bestiary to see if the information i sent in with the confirmation from 2-3 other people was added. i saw that it was not. is 2-3 people not enough? 1 of them being part of the tip.it website crew? maybe i 'missed' it but im pretty sure i didnt see it. i stated that the hobgoblin geomancer can heal when he uses the disabling prayers spell and this was again as i said, confirmed by 2-3 people, again 1 being part of the tip.it website crew. i'm sorry if im sounding terse but i just want to make sure that i and the others who helped to confirm my claim to be true, don't end up with our efforts in providing this helpful information, being in vain. thank you.
  8. don't know if anyone's said this yet....but it will end along with us in 2012
  9. he's right. its really all about self-control. you can still play the game AND achieve high goals in your REAL life. if you have enough self-control to 'fight the addiction', the go ahead and play the game. I play runescape and i have a very good life outside of it (good grades, very social, participate in extra-curricular activities) - and i'm sure many people in this forum are like this too. im sure the majority of us have enough self-control to not give into this 'false-sense of achievment'.
  10. i'm not sure if this goes in here as it pertains to a dungeoneering monster as part of the skill....but i figured i'll just put it in here anyway. for the hobgoblin geomancer....at first i didn't notice it because i fought with a group and we would hit high on it and kill it fast but once i soloed it, i noticed a big thing that should be put in the dungeoneering boss monsters chart. the hobgoblin geomancer CAN heal. it doesn't show the purple hit splats like the gluttunous behemoth when it heals though. i noticed this when i soloed it and hit a high number and continuously hit 0's. when the hobgoblin disabled my prayers, i noticed the green part of his hp bar go up. i've soloed this boss repetitively and have got conclusive results that the hobgoblin geomancer CAN heal. the amount it heals seems to correspond to what prayer you are praying and how high the level is required to use that prayer.
  11. i believe that's called a "refund". :P. anyway, on topic....im kinda upset i didn't learn about this earlier! Rahhhh....y must jagex tease us like this.
  12. for lexicus runewright, i recieved a blightlieaf hood as a drop. i didn't provide a picture because i figured it wudn't be sufficient proof of an actual drop since i cud hav easily just placed it there...and i didnt think to take a video. im hoping someone here can confirm my claim.
  13. umm...i'm not a member atm and i hav never eaten karambwan but i think that 18 should be a 180?
  14. see....if you were all skill oriented people like me, you guys wouldn't care or argue about this stuff =P
  15. i don't like the idea of having "roles"....well actually excuse me, i don't like how i wud imagine jagex wud implement the roles into the mini-game..err i mean skill. if they were to implement those roles and hav them be similar to the kind in barbarian assault, then it wud defeat the purpose of the point of creativity in the skill. skills r meant to be free and easy going....not tight and restricting us to a certain boundary. but if the roles are simply an accessory, then by all means it seems like a really cool idea. i also like how they are trying to make it seem MORE of a skill by implementing dungeoneering outside of Deamonheim. although now it seems closer to a random event/distraction&diversion, it is indeed a step closer into making it "skill-like".
  16. nachalo i understand that you wish to help those who didn't hav a chance at getting the older items be satisfied....but you just can't satisfy everyone. its physically impossible. the point of these holiday items is to MARK THOSE WHO PLAYED AT THAT TIME. the reason jagex let people get music was because not getting those previous songs can hinder their chances of getting the air guitar emote. the reason jagex let people get the holiday emotes was because there would always be a daunting spot in ur emotes section that would remain gray(or grey) forever. giving items meant for people who played in 2000 to people who started playing in 2007 is similar to the arguments between the social high school caste system. in my school, seniors are excempt from their finals (end of year testing) if they get A's on their tests. all other grades must take their finals irregardless. this holiday event situation is similar to that because you wouldnt give a freshman those privelages being that they just got there. the seniors have been their prior and can afford that reward. similar to the holiday items. new players shouldn't be able to get the same privelages of older holiday items than veteran players. it's just a way of life.....imo.
  17. err....I'm pretty sure even British people spell it "wandering" in that context.
  18. *stalk stalk*....lol jk nd dammit >.> u made me lose the game =[

  19. hey, can you add both pics into the picture index? "Beethovens29" thanks. ill also send a PM in case. [hide]enjoy: here's one with a regular face: [/hide] Added - Jimmy_jim
  20. made a topic on this already much earlier - http://forum.tip.it/topic/263403-level-2-lobster-not-in-bestiary/ u got nice and better pics though.
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