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  1. Funnily enough, I actually got into RuneScape again since December by getting into OSRS. Renewed my membership and everything... Not sure how long that will last, but so far it has been a blast and I've already achieved 99 cooking.
  2. Figured I could lend a little spare time trying to banish the spambots and keep an eye on the report queue - but I've been away from the game for years and don't plan on getting back into it. I'm still active on the Tip.It/RuneScript IRC community (https://rscript.org/chat) though the RuneScript project is basically in the same state as this site. Not really sure what the future of this website is - but it was too sad to see it overrun by spambots for me to not at least help with that. Please feel free to keep reporting anything especially egregious for action right away. I'll be doing what I can in the backend to mitigate and purge spam as well.
  3. ADVERTISER: Google AdChoices LANDING URL: http://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=CxF9Vm3QgVY6yMIbppAP2sYHAD7bX8vQE_sOH3oEBltzJ2uMBEAEgt6CRJWD9wK6B9AOgAfCtnv4DyAECqAMByAPBBKoEY0_QIqhCXEVXKk6vr6g_f7G_D2A-byft0oK197h48GNUDMWNy9iESeQr7AaqQwWUlAED9RNtcb0mFd3w7IKjwxAzIep7hyHy-ngJMocZgeHYggWRNHrouY6xhbEd0OSH3zogmIgGAaAGAoAH-NHhAdgHAQ&num=1&cid=5GhtvoPedlNK2WhR3IxBQnA8&sig=AOD64_356a1Rhij2EKRR0eGTTcfK_ewPxQ&client=ca-pub-9186879237539752&adurl=http://www.rpgstash.com/runescape/%3Fa_aid%3Dadwords-s&nm=6&mb=2&bg=!-fpEFkqNQMIkCgcCAAAALFIAAAAXKgE9G-Q2LBPeuui7ovuwjrs4WUA2ZK8D_3c7B50jUggmXEjFmpxOUSDyxS6zjMtBbVzXjhKYeRja4KXQJgD8B0yuHy9BuQdf81ITxeVOH3RBaXbreSW13ABkPncXhrprYXGukpdWki3vMvRGlPTMzJmhaFSEE3bSFq8wfMEmkgMkGN_Yj_g4AUGXvngmjjzja7PNEeA0FwnVGYIRQ5jpdxG2akspmsVJ-EtnKjWcUXy7fhI0btiL9tX908bFi7p35p_-pyJyFkbGgkYFUtwCbUD9deHZ6zkMXtBECmoD__XIk04J8-mx2cC7d4wBZz2SEdOro2aT-lqH3ruhBC7GWWGYhycu6-yPD7TPqBKcIzF_cS7uEYp1ITvDiXrQE6NkGwvTMA-kBiIPekkkqzxi-HsFgqv5gzvbciJH_sFqgjI TYPE: Side banner SITE: RPGStash MY LOCATION: Canada REASON: RS Gold Seller
  4. Greets jommy_jam from the whole crew at uranub.biz

  5. Thanks for all the feedback guys! I will be looking into each of these points as I update the World Map in the next few days. DK
  6. Here is an additional teaser to accompany Week 67: [hide] [/hide]
  7. Hey guys, Jagex has shared this video with the fansites and will be releasing it on their website later today. This topic can be used to discuss anything about it. Happy Scaping!
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