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Mid-Level F2P rune Droppers


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I may not be of the most help :? , but those may work. Also try the wizards in the field west of port sarim, south of falador. They are about lvl 13 (i'm not sure), there is a water, fire, earth, and air wizard and they drop about 5-10 runes of their kind every time.

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Ok, here's my secret training plan for this. :-#




I only did this a few times for fun but I guess it could work for your situation.




Get all the best weapons + armour that you can use, but no food. Then go to the circle of wizards just south of Varrock (the one where the demon is in "Demon Slayer"). Kill as many as possible, then Die.




That's right, die.




You'll get a free tele to Lumbridge and 100% run energy.




Now this depends on what kind of gravestone you have, but you should have more than enough time to run back and pick up all your stuff before the timer runs out.




Rinse and repeat as much as needed.




Disclaimer: You really should try this without anything valuable on a practice run. I know I can run back in time, but that might be because of the gravestone I have. I am not responsible for any items you lose trying to do this.


give F2P a penny and they want a dime; give P2P a quarter, they want 100,000 dollars, your car, house, boat, social security number, credit card numbers, drivers license, clothes on your back and everything you ever owned or interacted with ever
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