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Okay, I have some goals, but I am not sure what to work on. Order doesn't matter, but I figured I would ask here.




Here they are - Long term goals




100 combat level - Currently 96 (I have been playing since '01 (on and off, on for 4 years :() and didn't hit this yet)


99 [insert here] - I was thinking firemaking, but it is insanely boring, any other 99's that are fun


Some cash (Currently at around 5M, would like to double it)




My favorite skill is RC, and would like to get it pretty high, but how much would I be spending on pure ess to get to, say, 91?




Here are some shorter term goals:




65 Herblaw


65 Farming


52 Summoning




Also, if someone could post a summoning leveling guide, that would be great




Thanks for any advice



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Here are two excellent guides from AoW:


Kent's Guide to Summoning


Sentry_Wolf's Guide to Herblore




Since you have 65 farming and 65 herblore as goals, you can't go wrong farming your own herbs. I would suggest buying toadflax seeds, planting those, selling the herbs, and buy a different herb that can get you more exp or a potion you can actually sell.




Kent's guide has suggestions on which pouches you should make at which summoning levels. I would suggest training slayer to get the charms, as I think the only other options are to camp a single monster (which gets boring) or burst rock lobsters (which is insanely expensive). Slayer will also help you get your combat levels up, and most people claim you can make a good amount of cash from the drops.




As for a 99 skill, cooking, fletching, and firemaking are pretty common. The main thing is: pick the skill you like the most and stick with it.




Good luck!

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Thanks guys for the help, but at my level, what should I kill for charms? I keep seeing waterfiends pop up, but I am not sure if I would survive down there.




What are pretty good charm droppers?



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