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So pretty much you want a monster you can just go to and do minimal amount of work and not have to pay alot of attention, hmm I direct you towards flesh crawlers, giant spiders, and bandits.

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Bandits are the way to go if you can get guthan set, they never get un-hostile, are fairly easy to kill, and yea. The only down side is that they are always packed, so the hard part is finding an open world. You could try and just plop down next to someone already there, but they usually get angry and such. Depends on your playing style. good luck to you in any case

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Well knowing your stats would be beneficial but since you did no post them I will give you the place I like to use at my level (129 cmb)




Armourzed Zombies the only thing you have to pay attention to is when they become unaggressive and when you need to recharge prayer (every 2-3 mins) then banking when you run out of pots.

Apparently, my signature was to big.

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