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I need a guthix platebody


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hey everybody i have a question for all you people with expensive armour: How did you earn the money for it? i currently have about a full rune but a iwant a guthix platebody and i'm a non-member. i really don't know anyways to make a lot of money, and i can only think of mining gold in the karamja volcano. Does anybody have any tips 4 me?






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if you are doing it for the novelty of spending money it is kinda silly tbh




it does nothing more then spend money...it has the exact same stats as normal rune armor




if you still want it you could try killing monsters or fishing lobs those would be a tad faster then gold






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You could also try fishing lobs on Karamja. Or you could just kill stuff like ankous in the stronghold of security if you have high enough stats, but I'm not sure how good they are on F2P.

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The only real moneymaker I can think of with your stats is mining gold. If you don't mind training for a while you could get your woodcutting up and chop yews or get your fishing up and fish lobsters. I don't know your combat stats so I don't know whether killing monsters is a viable option.



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Before even thinking about making money you need to raise your skills higher. If I was you, I would train Woodcutting up to 60 and cut Yews. At the price of the Platebody and the Yew Logs, you would only need to cut around 1.4k logs. This might be slow at first, but it'll speed up as you cut more logs.


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