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I was looking through my processes and saw Isass[Caution: Executable File].




Googled it, and it said that the process could be a trojan. It also says that it is a critical process for windows that can be harmless. Not sure which to believe. Use Norton (don't laugh at me). Running a full scan right now.




Anybody know how to figure out if this is a virus or not?

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I just read that the virus that infects Isass[Caution: Executable File] will shut down your PC every 60 seconds and messes with your PC.




My PC seems just fine, but I still want to make sure that this process isn't a virus.

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Are you sure it wasn't lsass[Caution: Executable File] (that's and L not an I)? Because if it is, that's Local Security Authentication Server, which verifies log ins. If it's not running from C:\Windows\System32, then it's a virus (substitute C:\ with whatever drive Windows is running from).

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I'm running Windows 2000 w/ Norton and in my task manager it shows up in all uppercase. It might be because of norton that is shows up differently (no it's probably not. but you never know with norton)




If it's the only 'lsass' program running I wouldn't be too worried about it because it probably is the Local Security whatever plus if you've run a virus scan and nothing popped up.




See what hobgoblinpie said. Slightly less memory used on Win2000 but same program.

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