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So overwhelmed!!


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Ok so I Came back to the game. I haven't played since RSC. I started a new character, lets just say the old main isn't in the picture anymore. 3 days into it and I am feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the changes..




For fishing, I have just been fly fishing my way through right now, I tried going to tuna when I hit 40 but it seemed extremely slow.. What should I do to ensure I hit the fishing guild as quickly as possible?




As far as combat goes, I have been slayering and fighting Rock Crabs to level combat, any other general ideas I should pick up? I haven't really done anything but fish and combat since those seem to still be kind of how I remember them and I am easing into this, but I would kind of like some suggestions as to new and exciting things to try. Otherwise I fear I will not branch out.

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Well I know for a fact that fishing trout and salmon are the best ways to fish for experience (but not really for profits.)




I'm not a member so I would say the best spot to fish those would be at the river directly east of Barbarian Village. You can drop your fish after you are done fishing a full inventory. Additionally you can go to world 1, or 3, and give the fish away for free (basically just to get them out of your inventory more quickly) to other players there who want them so that they can cook them to get their cooking up, and hopefully sell them for some profit.




If there is a better member spot, I would recommend going there though.

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I've been doing some barbarian fishing at Otto's grotto (North of the barbarian outpost) which is good experiance depending on your level. Feel free to add me if you want (I play gmt + 12 so you may not catch me until the weekend) and I'd be happy to share information. \'



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Thanks for the input from everyone! I kind of like slayer and combat leveling since it provides scenery changes relatively often.




Glad you like it! If you want you can add me as a friend in the game. I would be happy to speak with you! My username is "Beatle Music."

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Generally down to compramise these days, quick xp less money, or with ALL buyable skills now a days you lose money instead.




Runecrafting is a great source of gp but requires alot of money, or monster hunting, slayer is great for combat and money comes at 50+ from monsters my advice to you is just listen intently browse forums read guides such as viewforum.php?f=103




Hunters quite easy money for low levels Swamp Lizards are summoning second ingredients, gathering summoning seconds people pay for via ge (grand exchange) located in varrock, very good for selling/buying very convenient, as for any skills secondarys (which requires virtually no skill to gather)




I recently started a nub did quests 38 farming is great if you have the secateurs from Fairy tale part one quest toadflax seeds are 900gp ea and you can profit around 2.7k per toadflax, and with secateurs get 6-7 toadflax per seed so its hourly money and easy to get to 38 farm plantable in 5 patches .




Fishing fly fishing is the best spot in members would be shilo village at your level just bank everything and try and sell it chaos driuds level 13, drop ranarrs 10k per herb, very low hp




Clue scrolls are nice dropped randomly by certain monsters just taste parts of game and find your feet.




Places I advise you look











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Quests are a great way to go around and find new stuff out and get better ways to train.

Slayer; it's just what I do.
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Quests are a great way to go around and find new stuff out and get better ways to train.




+ they open new areas, skills, teleports, equipment and most of them give a nice XP reward as well.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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