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  1. Because I'm rich and refuse to do an extra THOUSAND or so clicks to save about 40k or so in Prayer Potions. Gives you something to do. Unless clicking completely tires you out or you have carpal tunnel, I'm sure the "extra clicking" won't kill you (unless you screw it up xD). Maybe it's just me who gets bored just sitting there with protection pray on.
  2. BawkBawk219

    Random Events

    I like random events, I really do. But, when they teleport you away, it's just annoying. Let's say you're under level 126 and are fighting greater demons in the Brimhaven dungeon. All of a sudden, the sandwich lady comes out of nowhere and teleports you away. You have to take the time doing the random event *and* waiting for those dogs to become non-aggressive again so you can actually fight without being interrupted. Or you could be fighting black demons in the Member's Dungeon. If you get teleported away, it's hard to safe spot in certain areas, you have to waste prayer going for the loot, or you have to take all the hits and hope you aren't hit too hard. Point is, I don't like how they teleport you away. Maybe they can make it if you are gone from the area for over 2 minutes, they would become non-aggressive again.
  3. oh man. I've come to master the prayer flash. I can do a task of 180 aberrant specs with 70 prayer points or a task of 56 iron dragons without the need of a prayer potion. Why would you pray the entire time when you are only being hit *some* of the time? Save you the prayer, money, and time.
  4. Heh, when playing Runescape, there is no common courtesy.
  5. I only seem to get drops from the last monster of the assignment. Yesterday I had 54 irons and the last kill was a d skirt and I was attacked by another iron drag. Since I had some prayer left I killed it and got another d skirt drop. Was extremely lucky. Just earlier at gargoyles, my last kill of a 183 task was a granite maul, lol. Any other time, if it isn't a task, I don't get any drops. :P Actually, probably explains why I haven't gotten an amulet of ranging yet.. :|
  6. Heh, I sure as hell don't want to be assigned 3,000 kalphites. Let alone actually kill them all.
  7. This may be a ways down the road, but Shilo Village is the best place for fly fishing. As for combat, I tend to train combat on slayer tasks. But, that is arguably slow experience. I like it because it is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
  8. It was my second day of Runescape and I was in that building filled with goblins. I got the chicken random event and I had no idea what to do, lol. I sat there and waited for it to go away, but it didn't. I, in my full iron armour with iron scimitar, thought I was a badass and went to attack it. Got killed in like 8 seconds... :(
  9. Bar in the Canifis pub "Where everybody knows your username." I lol'd EDIT: There seems to be multiple examines: "Never drink and drive. Of course, what could you possibly drive?"
  10. Here's an idea: Instead of making the Amulet of Range a slayer monster drop, why not make it a purchasable item via slayer points? Instead of giving it(amulet of ranging) +15 range and +10 magic defense, why not give it the same bonuses as a slayer helmet (excluding the attachments)? 15% range bonus? Maybe make the bonuses stackable with full void. And mages can get the same deal with an Amulet of Magic. Melee - Slayer Helmet (400pts) Range - Amulet of Range (400pts) Magic - Amulet of Magic (400pts) Names can be substituted with whatever. 'Tis just an idea.
  11. Heh, I've done two clues today and got a whopping 73k total. First clue - 42k worth of junk. Second clue - 31k worth of junk. Hell, for clue number two, I had to buy the rune full helm and the rune warhammer. The clue itself costed me more than the reward. Didn't think of getting screenies at the time, my bad for that.
  12. Yeah, I believe it's regular hit is 13. But, when it uses it's special (pro-magic prayer deactivated), I'm pretty sure the attack is stronger and the max hit raises to 20. I've been hit 20 by them numerous times.
  13. World 59 Seer's Village magic trees :>
  14. This is what we need; perhaps a few slayer bosses with different level requirements for each one(probably in the same dungeon). Lol, I see what you did there! As for me, I'd like so see some new weapons and armor.
  15. Er, you technically still own the pants and $5. :/ Psh, who's getting technical?! You find $5, you're happy. ; At least I would be, lol.
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