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BCP and Tassets


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I wanna know what my best bet to get a BCP and Tassets(assuming they're better than dharoks legs and plate which i think they are). I'm open to any suggestion. Going to the GWD, that 76king trick or whatever it is, skillling, whatever! Stats are in the sig, thanks for the advice!

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I would personally say slayer, while doing that you will gain money and combat stats, Once you hit around the higher 80's, low 90's in combats, you could try GWD'ing if you haven't already got enough money through slaying.




And^ bandos items also have +1 ranged def over the best barrows. But its definately an afterthought item, which shouldn't really be considered at your levels. Barows should be fine for you, untill you get to the higher levels where mony is easier to come by.

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At your levels your better off spending money on your overall skills then spending 30m+ on 2 items. Barrows gets the job done and only people who already have the cash to throw around wear bandos.




As everyone who is going to post will say, do green dragons or avansies they are some of the top combat money making methods. Frankly your stats aren't good enough to do any GWD unless you want to try finding cs masses (unlikely). Long term train slayer continuously because once you hit the money levels at 83+ then money just comes in naturally.

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Dharok's Chestplate (312,000 gp) vs. Bandos Chestplate (16,300,000 gp)




Dharok's Platelegs (583,600 gp) vs. Bandos Tassets (15,000,000 gp)




To be honest all your paying for is a grand total of +2 range defence, +6 str bonus and +2 Prayer bonus... to be completely honest with you.. you are paying what 31.3m for that bit of bonus instead of 900k?




Yes yes blah blah Barrows degrades... but I honestly don't think some people can wrap their small brains around the fact that 15 hours IN COMBAT is an excruciatingly long time.. If you ask me, which you did by coming here.. GET DHAROKS




As for how to accumulate wealth.. your combat stats are very low to make any amount of decent money at ANY God Wars Boss.. you would probably only make enough to pay for the supplies you used.




I would suggest you stick to slayer.. do that until you are 80-85+ all melee combats.. and 80 mage/range as well as 70 prayer.. Then you are ready to do most if not every boss in the game except Corp.. well maybe in a big group.

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