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A pixel sig.


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So I don't know how easy it would be to get one of these, but I totally want one.






So basically, I want one of a dude in veracs top and skirt, holding a whip and guthix book, with nietzot helm and a green cape of sorts. Dboots etc.




The scenery should be be dark, him standing on a rock with like a lightening bolt?




If that's good lemme know.




<3:<3:<3:<3:<3:<3:<3: I will love you FOREVER (even men) if you do this for me :D


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I think you might have to post on Cowboy/Skull Emblem's shop, but even then you'll have to wait a while as they are currently busy with other people I believe. :)

Many believe that the 1980 eruption of Mt. Saint Helens was a catostrophic geological event, in reality it was the day that Jimi Hendrix returned to Earth from the next world and actually stood up next to a mountain and chopped it down with the edge of his hand.

-Random Youtuber

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