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Merch clans


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Alright before you answer just know that I don't want to know this because I plan on merching with them, because I don't I know it's a big pyramid scheme that only the leaders make money in.




My question is what are the names of merch clans, I want to know as many as you can possibly tell me. Right now the only ones I know of are: 2lum, wefightge, and smokin mils. I know there's another one called chessy or cheesy or something I'm not sure. I just want to know so I know which item they're merching.




Any help would be appreciated. :)

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isnt goldmerch a big one? or is that 2lum?

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isnt goldmerch a big one? or is that 2lum?


Last time I went into goldmerch the cc name said "go2wefightge" or something. I think they might have joined together maybe?




EDIT: just went to check it out and they said that it's been moved to "10brownie1" no idea why but it is.

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