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Killing a Skeletal Wyvern


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They're really pretty easy.


You need to have either a dragonfire shield (NOT anti-dragon) or an elemental shield.


You can either wear prayer boosting gear, pray prot. melee and piety, or wear defense boosting armor, bring sharks, and just pray piety.


Either way, it shouldn't give you too much trouble.


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[hide=Drops & Achievements]

Hunter_cape_(t).gif 99 Hunter: 4/30/09 Cooking_cape_(t).gif 99 Cooking: 6/2/2009 Attack_cape_(t).gif 99 Attack: 6/9/10


Dragon Legs x2 | Dragon Skirt x2 | Dragon Med x3 | Dragon Boots x13 | Dragon Shield Left Half x1

Abyssal Whip x2 | Granite Maul x8 | Granite Helm x2 | Granite Legs x1


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First off, if you have 72 slayer, ignore this. However, if you only have 71 like your signature says, bring a wild pie, it raises your slayer level by 5.




Since you are only killing 1, its very simple. Bring lots of food, a super set/combat potion, whatever, and a prayer potion. With your armour, bring magic defense. HOWEVER, KNOW THAT A ANTIFIRESHIELD DOES NOT WORK HERE. Instead of that, you must bring one of the following three shields. A dragonfire shield, an elemental shield, or a mind shield, these will all protect you from their breath.




When you get there, turn on protect from melee, piety/chivalry/10% strength and have at it. Skeletal wyvrens are only complicated if you are trying to do your whole task in one trip.




Good luck.

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Ummm.... He didn't say mirror.

Slayer; it's just what I do.
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Achievments: Maxed/Comp'd 7th of August 2012. 120 Dungeoneering sometime early december 2011. 99 Slayer achieved October 22nd, 2010. 99 Prayer achieved September 99 18th 2010. Summoning achieved September 14th 2010. 99 Defence achieved May 8th 2010. 99 Constituton achieved April 24th 2010. 99 Attack achieved on January 29th 2010 at 8:00 PM. Questpoint Cape on August 30th 2009.99 Strength (11:47 P.M. August 17 2009).

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