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Great Orb project Moves.


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Ive been looking for the many different ways of dunking an orb into the altar. So far i haven't found anything online. So here is what i already know, if youve got any other tactics, please post. here is a screen shot of an altar http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/57/airaltar.png




I used blue for the starting position and red for the ending position. The X marks the final location. Im using arbritrary names.




Side Stroller:




Difficulty: easy


Description: One of the most straight forward dunks. In big altars the possibility of using it is often over looked.


Pros: fast, long range, straight forward.


Cons: Requires a direct line of fire.




Side Winder:




Difficulty: medium


Description: One click dunk to pull orbs from behind pillars ;). Since RuneTek5 you must have run anabled to have a good experience with this.


Pros: One click, one dunk.


Cons: Many people don't know how to do this and instead go around and pull it out of the pillar, thus breaking the strategy. Jutters, if your run is not enabled it may backfire and instead push the ball to the pillar next to it.




Altar puller:




Difficulty: Medium


Description: pulls an from behind a pillar and leaves it a step away from the altar.


Pros: Can be used from a very convenient location.


Cons: Does not dunk.




Altar Puller Long:




Difficulty: Medium


Description: Pulls an orb a step behind a pillar and leaves it a step behind the altar.


Pros: Makes light of an otherwise sticky situation.


Cons: Team mates may mess you up if you don't act quick.




Ping Pong Pull:




Difficulty: Hard


Description: Pulls an orb from behind stubs.


Pros: One click dunk. Very very flexible position, you'll find your self near where your supposed to be for this one most of the time.


Cons: Requires long range ping point precision. If you are a square to the side, or the ball is not where you think it is, you may be left like a silly goose pulling for nothing.

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Hai Old. <3:




There's this line dividing the altar between the old ways and the new ways, cutting down right through the middle lane of north and south arches. Basically a lot of the new ways involve straight diagonal lines.






For that move you don't need run on. You just need to be diagonal to the orb, hold until it's between the arches, move back a step, and score! \'






The orb spawn is from the west, so all it takes is 1 click without letting go and the orb goes in by itself from the north position.

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