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Playing Any Video File Freezes Computer


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So basically, every time I try to play a video file (doesn't matter what file type) in any program (I've tried Windows Media Player, VLC, QuickTime), my computer completely freezes and I have to turn it off and on again. Then when it turns back on, Active Desktop Recovery is on and I have to reset my Windows Theme.


I am running Windows XP Black edition, and just installed it about 2-3 weeks ago. This problem started happening last week, and is really getting annoying because I need to watch Lost :P

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Windows XP: Botnet Edition. Pirating an OS is already a stupid thing to do, but pirating one that has been so obviously modified is asking for trouble. I would strongly advise doing what Nyosuht said and reinstalling from an official Microsoft disc. Not only does this eliminate most potential stability issues, it will also assure you that you're not a part of any botnet.


Never trust anything unofficial.

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Here's................ Botnet


Probably something with the video card and incompatibility. If you are a good law abiding citizen get linux :)

Thoroughly retired, may still write now and again

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