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You should do alright, although I can't remember an inventory. The first battle is the toughest, and after that it's cake. You can easily range the final 3 forms. I believe melee is the best for the first.

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Bring sharks and ice burst the hell outta all of 'em (I didn't do this since my magic was n00b at the time, but since you can you should). When you get the first down really low, run to next to the podium so it's facing you at such an angle that when the next one spawns it gets stuck on said podium; this will make it VERY EASY which is GOOD since the first one, at least for me, sent me through like 15/20 sharks, and i had higher stats than you. DO NOT attempt to safe the first one, however, as that jackass has magic. The rest only melee (YAY!), however, so feel free to stick 'em on the podium and ice 2 and 3. Also, the ice is helpful to give you more time to position yourself, and extra time is always good.


4, however, is _annoying_. Best way is to stand in the middle with the camera angle lowest (you can see the whole island this way), wait for the yellow dot to appear on the minimap, and when it does spin the camera around and blast it. Rinse and repeat until it's dead.


Set up... Um. I don't know, exactly, since I fumbled along and picked out stuff that looked useful that I've now forgotten... Fairly certain I had a whip in there for the first one, and then my best (modern book, 'cause I sucked) spell for 2-4, so I had a mix of magic and melee offense and I think i focused on melee defense, since the first only mages you if you're out of range of its melee, and the others are all pure melee so you'd want to either tank or safe them.


... I only sort of know what I'm talking about here, okie? :P

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